Wow, is there still snow and my lake cabin has eight foot drifts!  April 25….?   Lake froze in tight, three ice fishermen.  Warmer so went behind cabin in marsh walking with little on but binoculars, added 5!  Spring migration has came anyways.

Enemy Swim Lake, Grenville SD April 26, 2013

  • 463.  Marbled Godwit
  • 464.  Sprague’s Pipit
  • 465.  Yellow Headed Blackbird
  • 466.  American Pipit
  • 467.  Wilson’s snipe


Froze out in Oklahoma Panhandle trying to see Lesser Prairie Chickens, no shows in the 40 mph wind, and freezing rain

but did add somethings in this trip

Lake Edun Foundation, Topeka KS April 19-20, 2013

  • 455.  Chesnut-sided warbler
  • 456.  Northern bobwhite

Oaklake Trails, Depew Oklahoma, April 20-22

  • 457.  Dickcissal
  • 458.  Scissor-tailed flycatcher
  • 459.  Kentucky Warbler
  • 460.  winter wren
  • 461.  Blue Grosbeak


Visited Gila National Forest NM and Chiricahua Mtns in AZ,  D and D’s Organic Haven of Glenwood NM is awesome!  Birded like a maniac drove 1340 miles, three days.  Got lots of stuff.  The Chiricahuas are gorgeous and did not want to leave, but could only be there three hours.


Three Greater white fronted geese flew over my house at dusk tonight and I was waiting for them.  Also spotted six (three nude) short-eared owls around the Big Stone NWR.  The hawks are back, juncos at feeder with robins, and red winged blackbirds


Visited Northern Florida, so people up a trail with a canoe looking for a river.  Blazed a trail in snake ridded and alligator infested ground.  I got attacked by swarms of mosquitoes….and I saw the secretive as mouse Black Rail, met some interesting people and well…some not so interested people.  Not all nude resorts are worth going to, but more on that later….