Paya Bay 2, Feb 22-March 1, 2014

Roatan Honduras

We went back for a repeat performance at Paya Bay on Honduras, if I had two goals, it was to one see a parrot and two, redo the bird list that the resort offered.  Maybe a little nude sunbathing and writing a few chapters of my new novel, Sjofn, the Goddess of Love.

Let me say right here….it was a success!

First, on the first morning, Silja and I spotted 4 yellow-naped parrots about fifty yards from the front gate of the resort we spotted in a tree.  Now, we did not see them sans clothing but we could have seen them if I had been at the lookout with my spotting scope.  No photos as I did not carry my bird lens on me that first day but oh well.  A new life list bird and the only one of two on the trip, the other was a bat falcon, yes they eat bats don’t look like a bat, we saw about 100 yards before that in a snag….no camera then either.

What did I photograph?

Well I spotted a smooth-billed ani, first since Belize in 1997, what 17 years ago?

payabay ani 034 (3)It was into the morning sun and not the best photo but it is definitely…an ani.

Ok, hummers were scarce, never did see a green breasted mango, after seeing maybe 20 at feeders last March never saw any hummers at a feeder.  I did see about 4 Canivet’s emeralds feeding in the trees but never at a feeder either.

Below, there was Velasquez’s woodpeckers chattering everywhere, formerly a subspecies of golden-fronted woodpeckers but since 2013 its own species

payabay2014 027 (3)

White crowned pigeons nervously flitted in the trees payabay2014 036 (3)

and white-winged doves cooed along the public beach (we were at the private beach payabay2014 101 (3)

Yucatan Vireos chatted in the trees below but not as vigorous as last year

payabay2014 119 (3) payabay2014 123 (3)

We saw a few warblers, but no real migrants, there was a rufous wood-rail in the mangrove swamp as was a mangrove cuckoo but they did not come out to be seen

a group of Caspian terns fished occasionally payabay2014 136 (3)

We spotted a pair of summer tanagers although the female here, was a bit over exposed in the lightpayabay ani 048 (3)

A mangrove vireo, deep in the trees… payabay6 025 (3)

A tri-colored heron in the mangrove payabay6 047 (3)My best identification was a flying overhead gray hawk, pretending it was a turkey vulture…

payabay5 068 (3)Yes, it really is a gray hawk…

We met some really nice people this year a fun lawyer and wife from NW Pennsylvania, a neat couple from Philly, another couple that used to live 15 miles from us in Iowa, but now they have moved south…to Kansas City.  We also met beach goers from Canada, California, and Washington DC area.

As usually the food was good, the views great, the weather fabulous and I didn’t even get bit up too bad from the bugs.  The downside was the airport, three planes trying to leave at the same time with a waiting area for one plane and no air conditioning, power fluctuations and well….lines.

It was a good birding trip, two life-listers, a few photos and well a nice tan….and I wrote 47 pages of a novel.


3 thoughts on “Paya Bay 2, Feb 22-March 1, 2014

  1. All I can say as I sit here with a current outdoor temp of ZERO is that I cannot wait to leave for Rattlesnake Springs and Bosque del Apache! Great birds!!!

  2. …thanks for posting the pics…I had a few hours at Paya Bay Resort last week while on a cruise the day we stopped at Roatan. I only had a few minutes to bird watch, but got some pretty good pics of vireos, woodpecker (Velasques?), and 2 large flycatchers (brown crested?) And hummingbirds were flying around in the trees but never got a good look at them….

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