The Bird Chasers #3, Sartell MN 2/4/2013


Mississippi River Below Sartell Dam, Sartell MN

Well what a difference a day makes, yesterday I was off to New York City to see a Barnacle Goose and complete a big deal, but the big deal died like the Broncos about the same time as that errant snap and then yesterday, we were planning on going anyways.  Two things happened, United delayed the flight from Sioux Falls to Chicago so late that we wouldn’t connect to the only flight that went to NYC all day, the rest of the flights cancelled and all of today’s full.  It was an omen, God was intervening and sealed both the end of the deal and the end of any goose expedition.  We drove back home.  Rule #3, when in doubt DON’T fly United, now though I got a credit, West Texas or McAllen anyone? (Delta doesn’t go there)

Well, the money gone, the deal south, I drove to north of St Cloud to find something that wasn’t.  It was cold, -20 wind chill exposed over the river, it was steaming so bad it was hard to see even the multitude of common goldeneye, but after four trips slogging back to warm up, finally out of the mist he appeared, a Long-tailed duck in the middle of a flock of feeding goldeneye.

long-tailed duck 2014

Life bird #623, I have seen them in Norway and Iceland but finally officially in North America.

It amazes me how birds look so happy in freezing water…….oh to be an Arctic duck , a better picture of the common goldeneye below……..O

common goldeneye 2014

3 thoughts on “The Bird Chasers #3, Sartell MN 2/4/2013

    • No, that was a Barnacle Goose that at last report was seen running around Central Park…..that was a code four, this bird is just a code 1 or maybe a 2, breeds in high arctic and comes through late in fall to winter on east coast, I’ve just never bothered to go see one on lake Superior//Michigan because I have seen them in Europe but an Iceland sighting does not count for ABA Life list. I am working on that now. Barnacles rarely breed in North America (there is a report of one getting busy with a Canada last year.

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