I decided to put on my clothing and see what kind of ABA list I could get to……

I went to Oklahoma to get a Mississippi Kite although failing in my pursuit of painted buntings,

I did see this stilt sandpiper in a muddy field pond

stilt sandpiper

I originally landed into Phoenix to pouring rain, flooding and terrible weather.  things looked bad, I had to abandon attempts at black-chinned sparrows and drive south in hopes of abatement of rain

I picked up Jim at Tucson Airport.  We stayed at Chuparosa Inn in Madera canyon after hearing they had code three, a Berylline Hummingbird hanging around.

Here is the Berylline

beryline in flightPlus we also watched blue-throated hummingbirds about

blue throated hummingbirddeciding that getting on the military base to see the wren might be difficult we hired a guide Laurens Halsey to drive us around and find stuff, he has got great ears and was very helpful.

we saw the sinolea wren, 4 rufous capped warblers, black capped gnatcatchers, thick-billed kingbirds, violet crowned hummers, northern beardless tyranulets, I did not get a chance to photograph the wren which is a code five but saw it, it looks like a bland Bewick’s wren with a different song

we went to a guys yard and saw plain-capped starthroat below

plain capped star throat 2

rufous hummingbird in flight 2

Very feisty rufous hummingbirds chased everyone from the feeders

rufous winged sparrow

A rufous winged sparrow that popped up on a tree after playing its song. thick billed flycathcerthick-billed kingbird, three or four of them had still not left Patagonia State Park region

aberts towhee

Abert’s towhee hopping around on the groundblack throated sparrow better

black throated sparrow blue grosbeak better

blue grosbeaks were everywhere, singing, in trees on ground broad-tailed hummingbird female

a female broad tailed humming birdgray hawk

an immature gray hawk, we ended up seeing three of them all told

yellow billed cuckoo

not the best photo but a yellow billed cuckoo, we saw seven of them, more than I have ever seen before (2) western kingbird flying

western flycatcher northern beardless tyranulet

The NBT, northern beardless tyranulet, this guy is missing his tail, we also saw a second one gray flycatcher

A gray flycatcher less than a mile from Mexico border CURVE BILLED THRASHER

a curve billed thrasher

lesser goldfinch2

Lesser Goldfinches

Ok after failing to find a buff-breasted flycatcher and a five-lined sparrow we decided to head to the Salton Sea.

El Centro California is a HOLE, the asshole of America, no decent motels, one advertised that toilet paper was extra.  We stayed at the Rodeway Inn, and I got bed-bugs!  Roderash Inn no doubt

We arrived at the Salton Sea in daybreak, it stunk, the land should not be irrigated, but there were gulls and owls everywhere.


a black-crowned night  heron BURROWING OWL 2

this burrowing owl found itself a nice shadow to stand from an electric pole

BURROWING OWL 3This owl looks darker due to the sun just hitting it over the horizon LEAST SANDPIPER

least sandpiper, feeding in the beach YELLOW FOOTED GULL

The goal species of the Salton Sea is the yellow footed gull, big bill on yellow feet.  This area is a prime NUDE birding area, and I decided to see this bird naked and add it to my naked life list.  We saw thirty

We left the valley and drove up Palm Desert into the mountains, we found pygmy nuthatches, Lawrence’s goldfinches, Cassin’s Finches, hiked around Idylwild and finally found a white headed woodpecker, unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with.  Jim spotted a needed Vaux’s swift and we heard a Northern Pygmy owl.  NO MOUNTAIN QUAIL…oh well.

we went out and listened for Le Conte’s thrashers and heard one near Phoenix

jim searchingWe heard about these rosy-faced lovebirds in Encanto Park in Phoenix, so we went and looked for them and after ten minutes, found them.  Very noisy but cute! rosey faced lovebirds2

At the end of the trip, my ABA list has shot up to 596!!!  Jim at 525……. I also have thirty five bed bug bites……….

keep scratching Olaf


4 thoughts on “ABA BIG YEAR UPDATE OK/AZ/CA 9/2013

  1. Clearly, it ain’t over till it’s over. I think you are now addicted and your restless soul will forever be scanning the skies, shrubs and shorelines. The rosy faced lovebirds are a treat; we saw peach faced ones in Tanzania. You really should escape with Silja for a birding safari in the Serengetti. As for bedbugs, there aren’t any there, just mosquitoes. Try baking soda on the bites!


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