It’s over…594…now Boobies, Peckers, and Tits…the book



Working on my book, should be finished and off to editor in a week or so…………hard to believe it is over…but I’m exhausted… 2013 ABA list is at 544 so it may not be over, I may blow ahead and go for 650, I don’t know.

You know…this started as a spoof for Sandy Komito’s record but after 121,000 air miles, 34,000 car miles, 1200 hiking miles, 26 miles biking1 mile in a paddle boat, 700 in ships and boats, 1 in a kayak, 70 on ATVs, a couple on golf carts, and I canuded too, it became something more, a quest to do what no man will ever do again

Shot at, chased by a bear, a vortex, cops, and even maybe bigfoot….hit by lightning, froze, sweated, slapped bugs, cursed by supernatural forces and yet through it all…birds….lots and lots of birds… hell of a story, or so I think, not to mention my survival.  As they say, wait, I said that, 20,000 naked people cant be wrong.

Nudity, Blue Moon beer, and planning is the trick…..when sitting on top of a mountain, it was the beer that moved me onward, the oneness with nature being naked the gave inner peace, and the planning that I knew …mostly ..what and where others were than kept me going.

I had great partners….My wife, and kids, Nan, my publisher, Jim my oft birding partner, as well as Dan from D and D’s organic haven in New Mexico, Bob from the nudist club in New Mexico, Thor and then everyone from my Attu trip mostly the guides Isaac, John, Jess, and Doug, that got me birds, lots and lots of birds  593 different varieties of them

I visited 30 nude clubs, 5 nude beaches, even a couple of bed and breakfasts that became nude after  I came there.  Met lots of people, most nice, many naked, some suspicious and a couple that well…I could do without.

It is hard to believe it is over, but as they say, it is all over but the crying




12 thoughts on “It’s over…594…now Boobies, Peckers, and Tits…the book

  1. I think it’s time for me to have that good cry. sob…. It’s been great living your adventure with you through your emails and calls. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to much fun ahead as we create a fantastic book.

  2. Bravo, Olaf! These have all been fun reads, and I look forward to the book, complete with your superb photos. All bets are on that there will soon be another adventure; as they say, ya can’t keep a good man down.

  3. Congratulations on an epic adventures, and thanks for sharing it with us. Janet and I have enjoyed the stories and the photos. Put us down for a copy of “Boobies, Peckers & Tits” when it’s off the press. We’ll look forward to hearing about it when we next see you. Best to all…

  4. Nancy Moore has forwarded me your blogs. Very interesting and I WILL look forward to getting my own autographed copy of your book. Somewhere I have a group picture, everyone but Jim and me who relaxed off our tired feet while the rest of you chased the Common Cuckoo. You were all down the path looking away from us for the cuckoo, who was on its way back to entertain JIm and me. Good picture of the buff-backed, green capped, barely birder. Jill

  5. It has been quite an adventure. There were a lot of easy ones, ones with stories, ones that made us hit the books. Then there were the maybes that you might have seen but didn’t count. It’s possible you hit 600 but just couldn’t say for sure. Nudists are nice people, birders are nice people, so naked birders are just exceptional. Of course nudists are eccentric and birders are eccentric, so naked birders maybe are just plain nuts. It depends how you look at things, I guess. So what’s next? Has anyone ever climbed Mt Everest naked?

  6. I’m proud we could be a part of your adventure! I’ve been directing all kinds of people to your website, and can’t wait for the book. If you get to south Texas again, you know where we are. I should say where we “will be”, we’re in western Montana, heading for Seattle and south to CA,AZ and eventually TX. The wildlife across ND and MT has been terrible, cows, horses, seagulls and sheep! I guess we don’t know how to site anything like you do.

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