#593 The last bird standing


Cypress Cove Nude Resort, Kissimmee Florida

Ok, where can you sit poolside naked with thirty other people and see probably the your last bird for a nude big year?  At Cypress Cove, you can

Back on August fifth, 2012, I looked out off my deck and spied a pied billed grebe.  That was bird number one.  Today at Cypress Cove, I looked right over where this woman is laying in this picture and shouted, “there it is!”  The time on the pool clock was 1158, eastern time, August 1, 2013.   It was a swallow-tailed kite, flying over the pool, and I had waited two whole days for one to do that.  It was bird 593!   In all likelihood the end of a very big year.

Earlier in the day, I had got up before dawn and breaking the law about ten miles away I tallied a limpkin and I also got a king rail in the lake back at Cypress Cove nude paddle boating.   I did it all –nude hiking, canuding, nude paddle boating, nude biking, nude fishing, nude volleyball, nude hot tubbing, I even added a bird taking an outdoor shower.  In three days, it is all over.

There is a big party at my club north of Minnesota Saturday night, corn feed and beer/wine, so drop me a line, I can get you invited.  Clothing is optional, or better put…discouraged.


A limpkin looking for snails bird #592

loggerhead shrikes

Loggerhead shrike sex, early morning on the sidewalk….I might have interrupted the forces of nature…..


I spotted this porcupine trying to tap out a yellow rail on my way to the airport last Monday at the Rice lake NWR

Mind you, cameras poolside at Cypress Cove would get Olaf in a whole lot of trouble so unfortunately like bird #1, Bird #593 went unphotographed.

I may do some light birding around Minneapolis but since I’m not get dressed until Sunday and not much left to see, the odds are not in my favor of adding anymore birds




7 thoughts on “#593 The last bird standing

  1. My next project remains to be determined, a thought is in my book but that will take some time to get developed and involves me officiating nude weddings

  2. Be prepared for some intense pestering from me as i plan trips to places where you saw trogons, limpkins, and many more glorious species. What a year!

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