#500 Finally….

Just got number 500, the elusive Cerulean warbler.  It was tough but I did it anyhow

I am in Anchorage, and have seen red-necked phalarope, arctic terns, mew gull and a barrow’s goldeneye but alas…none naked…

here are some photos from last week…pectoral sandpiper

Pectoral sandpiper, Alaska

trumperter swanTrumpeter swan, Wisconsinsandhill crane2Sandhill Crane, Wisconsinchestnut sided warblerChestnut sided warbler, WisconsinredstartAmerican Redstart, Wisconsinhudsonian godwitHudsonian Godwit, Alaskaalder flycatcherAlder flycatcher, Wisconsin

A few naked shots, a few not……

I leave for Adak Island and Attu Island in a few hours, sitting waiting at the airport, plane delayed but what should I expect, plane has been delayed all winter/spring

I will not update for a couple of weeks




One thought on “#500 Finally….

  1. Hope your trip is memorable in all ways positive! Just returned from Rice Lake NWR where we saw many species including Wilson’s snipe, golden-winged warbler, red-eyed vireo, olive-sided flycatcher, and scarlet tanager.

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