#494 Prairie finds


Bobolink red necked grebe                                                 red necked grebe

Migration is on, birding is ongoing, today’s birding brought be to Enemy Swim Lake in NE South Dakota to clean up the few local birds I was missing.  For a strange reason, the red-necked grebe nests on this lake a a few others for a few miles and then not again until 300 miles north.  Lucky for me they hang out local and today I spotted these two off my deck.  No crazy story, no crazy adventure, just basic nude birding.

I also spotted the bobolink above right after a gray partridge (not pictured) which was seen in an anticlimatic way after searching in vain most of September.  I’m down pretty much to two eastern South Dakota birds now after seeing an orchard oriole on Wednesday.

I have a trip to Wisconsin next week to finish off that area, I do not think I can get 500 by Attu alaska as there really isnt much more than six species I could find in a perfect world, but a few closer will be good….494….the big year continues

One thought on “#494 Prairie finds

  1. We drove around Cloverland yesterday afternoon searching in vain for upland sandpiper. It was a bad time of day – early morning is much better. Rain has moved in, so plan your trip to WI carefully. We’ll be out looking again this weekend…between showers.

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