#485 Chokin’ the chicken

It took two trips to Oklahoma.  We survived an ice storm, airport delays, made a second trip to Oklahoma with hours of driving but on the morning of May 8, the lesser prairie chicken showed up at precisely 0604 in the morning to the prairie of western Oklahoma.  The Selman Ranch provided the backdrop and while lightning beat down to the north, i watched the chickens do their thing.  I almost wanted to get those chickens for causing so much trouble (pictured above).  In fact at 900 I got out of the blind and chased them away, ha!  I was quite the site, naked crazy man out in the prairie,  but it was needed revenge.

I then went to a salt flat, by driving the ranch mobile, six miles overland which included such directions as take a sharp right at the old cattle pens, go up on the old railroad bed, when you get to the mud hole just put it in 4 wheel ddrive and gun it, at the fence don’t go right, and park at the wash…. and found:  Snowy Plovers, semipalmated plovers, white rumped sandpipers, and a Bullock’s oriole!

semipaml plover

a semipalmated plover

Four new birds from Oklahoma!

The day before, I went to the Sandy Lane Club in Hutchinson Kansas and spotted a barn owl, willow flycatcher, mourning warbler, and a yellow-bellied flycatcher….it was a bird oasis in the middle of a sea of catalpa trees, I have never seen so many house wrens and indigo buntings, but my camera didnt have battery power and it was probably better it was safely hidden in the car.




3 thoughts on “#485 Chokin’ the chicken

  1. Well done. May the rest of your big year be warmer and your camera always prepared! Since you won’t have pockets, you could keep extra batteries in your hat. Just sayin’.

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