#470 Migration!

Migration has begun,

all around Minnesota and South Dakota, adding to the list.

Today’s Bird:  A Marbled Godwit (pictured above) as well as a Baird’s sandpiper, in the past week:  Brown Creeper, Hudsonian Godwit, yellow-headed blackbird, Sprague’s pipit, American Pipit, Wilson’s Snipe, horned grebe.  We have moved the list to 470!

There are still sandpiper’s to find and waiting on the warblers

Snow expected in a day or two and that may interupt things but I’m off to Maryland

2 thoughts on “#470 Migration!

  1. With the migration in progress, ain’t life grand! Congrats on your ever-growing list. I added greater scaup today (seen in the Duluth harbor) and fox sparrows arrived in our yard an hour ago. Yahoo!

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