Official Rules

So having no existing record to pursue, I decided to set up my own rules.  “Being tough but fair,” is how I want to describe my rules.  The results will be submitted to the American Association of Nude Recreation  (AANR).

1.  You have to be nude to count the bird.  Hats and footwear are fine but nothing else.

2.  You have to had left naked to go birding (or for another nude activity) to count the bird.  Seeing a turkey vulture while playing nude volleyball is acceptable, while driving along in a car or walking textile, seeing a bird, and then slipping off your clothing does not count.  In fact, being in car doesn’t count ever. To count a bird, you will have to go back to car, or house, undress and then return unclothed.  For legality reasons, leaving a car walking around a corner and disrobing is acceptable, as long as it wasn’t because you saw a new bird.

3.  You cannot be inside an enclosed boat, house, or car/ truck for it to count.  A bird blind must be open to a degree any birder would consider it open.  Being naked on an ATV if you left naked on an ATV or even a snowmobile (burr!) is acceptable.  If you see a bird and you are walking or driving or riding on an ATV, a boat, canoe, or something like it and you are forced to cover up afterwards for obvious reasons like to avoid arrest, the birds you saw before that count but no birds after that point even if you could take your clothing off again.

4.  Birds can count if you see it while located in all states except Hawaii, plus Canada, and all Caribbean islands north of fifteen degrees north latitude and the French Islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence count as long as the bird species is considered free breeding and with an established population and not domestic.  For honesty sake barrier islands such as Roatan, Cozumel, and Ambergris Key, only count for a kilometer from shore on the mainland side of the islands, or until you can see the mainland, or on close islands, halfway to the mainland, which ever is a shorter distance.   Otherwise you can go out from land to continental shelf.  Bermuda does not count, but the Bahamas do.  Since I as an American citizen at the time of writing this cannot legally visit Cuba, so for fairness, Cuba is excluded as well.

A wild Rock Pigeon is fine, even if it is feral.  Chickens are not a species.  Visiting Barnacle Geese from Greenland are fine as are Skylarks on Vancouver Island, which are established.  I do not think we have any peacock communities that would qualify.   Birds in zoos are not free in the sense so they don’t count either.  I defer to the birding associations for determinations.

You may ask why I altered the territory from the movie?  Initially, I wasn’t sure how this would work and since it will be hard to bird naked up north for six months, I needed to expand the southern boundaries and since nudity on the French islands is generally more tolerated than in the USA, I needed to go far enough south to include St. Barths, and St Martin.  In reality, I only added about one hundred to one hundred and fifty species to the mix since even the barrier islands of Central America don’t have all of the species that the mainland has and fifteen degrees cuts below Honduras and doesn’t include Trinidad or Costa Rica.

5.  Species now lumped together with another species will require a loss of a species, even in future.  Flickers and Juncos have been split then lumped back together.  The rules are set by the various birding associations and scientists to over the years, my total may fluctuate.  Things happen and that is just the way it goes.        

I’m not a big fan of rules but for something like this, you need a little guidance to you going.  This is, like all bird counts, on the honor system as in many of the places I and maybe you will bird, cameras are forbidden.  Since there is no record for this that I can find, I get to make the rules.  I do not know if naturists are any more honest than anyone else but like it is said in golf:  everyone knows who cheats on their scorecard.  I do not count a bird unless I really know it is that species.  I’m sure I could have counted more species, but I chose not too because I was not quite sure, so I omitted them from my list.  During this adventure I probably saw a Hutton’s Vireo in Arizona but my friend and I didn’t concur so it wasn’t counted.

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