#397 Paya Bay Roatan

                                                                Bliss beach!

We are in the Garden of Eden, and yes we are Adam and Eve….this place is beautiful and the beach is one of the prettiest around.  Added eleven birds, and may have reached a wall.  The migrants have not moved over from the mainland, only the Louisiana waterthrush and the yellow breasted vireo are here.  Hopefully a few warblers will show up.  I might have heard a parrot this morning so that needs more work.

The two hummers, Canivet’s Emerald and the Green breasted Mango (above #2) and the brown crested flycatcher (number #1 above)  are really cool and everywhere.  Going to be a perfect day and I’m grabbing a beer and going to the beach.  So life isn’t so bad, heck the clock says 5 o’clock, well its broken at five o’clock.

  • 387.  Mangrove Vireo
  • 388.  Yucatan Vireo
  • 389.  Yellow Breasted Vireo
  • 390.  White-crowned Pigeon
  • 391.  Canivet’s Emerald
  • 392.  Green-breasted Mango
  • 393.  Brown-crested flycatcher
  • 394.  Velasquez’s Woodpecker
  • 395.  Louisiana Waterthrush
  • 396.  Caribbean Dove
  • 397.  Cliff Swallow

3 thoughts on “#397 Paya Bay Roatan

    • CO closes we are here, this place is also pretty reasonable, sitting next to Margaret and Peter, who have been Laguna members, much MUCH more laid back

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