#353 South Texas Rio Grande Valley

We did some serious birding down here, walked 30 miles.  Took some serious risks, too.  Got harassed by:  police (loitering); border agents (because they could), shot at by supected pot growers, and was in an area of intense illegal trafficing and we should have been harassed, but were not.  Escaped Texas with our dignity and our lives.

Birded with my birding buddy Jim added 38 species he added 86!

Broke a camera lens and expect to retire my old nikon binocs after this trip.  Stayed at Natures and Sandpipers Resorts, generally nice places and interesting people, a little problem here and there, but it worked out.  Met some serious birders at Sandpipers, sort of made us look like amateurs, but well, they were polite and kind and indulged in listening to me.

Here are a sample of the birds on the trip, the American Bittern did not qualify for my nude birding count.  I saw it off the back deck of the visitors center at Estero Llana Grande, a few of them I had seen elsewhere





Altamira Oriole

White-tailed Hawk

Yellow crowned Night Heron

Black Crested Titmouse

Crested Caracara

Green Jay

Eastern Screech Owl

American Bittern

Great Kiskadee

Fulvous Whistling duck

Ladderbacked woodpecker

Harris Hawk                                                               Olive Sparrow

9 thoughts on “#353 South Texas Rio Grande Valley

  1. Great photos, especially of the green jay, kiskadee and ladder back. Sorry about the camera lens. We had lots of redpolls, goldfinches and bluejays here today, as well as 20+ cedar waxwings, a pair of cardinals, some juncos and a hairy woodpecker. I was birthday suited when viewing them all. It was 13 Celsius here, -3 tomorrow!

  2. Well, Olaf, you have put me into a swoon! As i was scrolling down and savoring the glorious birds of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, waves of fond memories washed over me. I’ll be making more memories there next spring. Congrats on a super birding trip!

  3. Hi Olaf, the photos are wonderful. Glad you had fun. It’s a shame you didn’t meet up with Stuart in Dallas. Anyway, congrats and hope you do well on the West Coast.

  4. ABSOLUTELY.. WOW!!!!! I must say the Whte Tailed Hawk was unique to me. Hawks dont look anything like that in California. BTW you didnt miss a thing in Dallas. Your time better served birding…Love You!!!!

  5. Those pictures turned out really well. I think the Olive Sparrow came out particularly well. I’ve had some success in NJ. Saw a red crossbill, American Pipits, Wilson’s snipes, and a Northern Lapwing. I missed a Pink footed goose by an hour. Up to 197 for 2013.

    • great job, yoou need three more before california! Great find that Lapwing, I’d like to see what is going on at Gunnison beach but I hear it may be closed indefinately, as I need sea birds

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