I have been doing some review of my birds and field notes.  There was always a bit of uncertainty after my trip to Lake Como north of Tampa in December.  I had called a bird a Hermit thrush and after seeing what was a real hermit thrush in Deer park Naturist resort in california in March, I had second thoughts besides seeing a Swainson’s warbler in Florida.  It is quite clear to me the bird I saw on that hedge was a Swainson’s warbler not a hermit thrush, and coupled with the actual hermit thrush seen in California, much like the bit of housekeeping done before Attu, I am actually on 553 now negating the bird I had removed a month ago.

Couple that with the bittern and I think I have the list correctly

June 23, spotted a Connecticut warbler twice briefly as it hid in some think stuff and heard it repeatedly, bird 554

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