It wasn’t the best view but I saw number 500 today just before forced to head to the airport for Attu Island and the epic journey!  The elusive Cerulean warbler was spotted at Avatan….

I wished I had a picture, but alas, no and the best part of it, my son Seth, was there to see the blue of the bird!

How cool is that!!


I edge up so closely to 500 I can almost taste it, Attu is upon me and I dont think I’ll make it to 500 before departure.

Here is todays additions:

Avatan, E. Bethel MN May 14-15, 2013

  • 487.  Rose-breasted grosbeak
  • 488.  Canada Warbler
  • 489.  Gray-breasted thrush
  • 490.  Veery

I saw more cool warblers (10) today, Blackburnian, chestnut-sided, numerous orioles, the woods were alive with color.